ColourLED Tape comes in two main varieties; single colour and colour changing RGB. Single colour tape is available in Warm White and Cool White, which are what we refer to as "colour temperatures." Colour temperatures are just specific shades of white and are quite standard across the lighting industry. Warm white is a soft, amber coloured light, while cool white is a clear, daylight-like colour.Colour Changing RGB is more advanced and allows a user to create changeable ambience using a remote control. The control usually offers 16 static colours and 4 colour changing modes, with adjustable brightness and speed settings.LengthAll LED Tape can be cut to specific lengths, usually at intervals of 5 or 10 cm, depending on the type of LED Tape. That means you can send your measurements to your retailer and they can cut them for you. 

Measure the area into which you plan to install the light and send forward these on.BrightnessWith so many brightnesses to choose one, selecting one that is suitable for a specific application can be difficult. The brightness of LED Tape is determined by the number of LEDs per metre and the size of the individual LED chips, where more and larger LEDs result in a brighter light.While it is possible to physically measure the amount of light produced by LED Tape, not everyone is well versed in the language of "lumens." To make things easier we divide our tape into three main categories: low, medium and high brightness.Low brightness tape has a fairly modest light output, but is perfect for lighting in enclosed areas or where not much light is demanded, such as in a cabinet. Medium brightness are better for creating subtle lighting effects, such as on the underside of kitchen cabinets or above bookshelves. High brightness strips are designed for applications where the strips might have to compete with background illumination while still remaining visible.

Dimmable?While it is possible to dim single colour LED Tape, this cannot be achieved using a standard dimmer switch. Instead, you will need to use a 12V dimmer switch specifically designed for LED Tape.Colour Changing RGB LED Tape usually features a dimming option as part of its functionality.Power SupplyThe power supply, sometimes called the LED Driver, is a special unit that matches its output to the voltage and current requirements of the LED Tape (12V DC). Without it the tape will not work.Choosing a power supply is straightforward. Simply multiply the wattage per metre by the number of metres of tape you are using and this will give you the "load" of the lights. Your power supply should be sufficiently large to handle this "load."Waterproofing?IP Rated coatings offer varying degrees of protection against mositure and solid objects, such as dust and dirt. These usually come in the form of an IP65 coating, which offers "splashproof" protection, but doesn't make them suitable from complete submersion.Whether or not you need an IP coating really depends on where you are using your strips. If you intend to uses them in the kitchen, bathroom or outside then it is advisable.

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Summary- The curtains are not just to cover the windows and doors to block the sun rays entering inside the home or just to privacy but also it has the charm to make the space more appealing and luxurious.  Whether it’s your office, shop, hotel or your home, curtains is a kind of décor that gives the sensation of beauty and privacy. Try to choose the king of the collection that is going the change the visual appearance of your entire space. Go for modern printed curtains as you would find the new concept of design and pattern in it. The silky and soft texture would bring sparkle glow in the entire surrounding. In each design, you would find innovation and color coordination. 

Whenever you want to improve the elegance of your living space, then the most effective and easiest thing on can do is treat their window and doors with sigma curtains. These alluring furls bring an attractive change to the interior and exteriors of the house. A theme and the soothing aura will create such an aura to your abode where you would feel calm and contended. Prints like abstract, floral & ferns, booty, text & graphics, doodles, geometric and so on will take your breath away.  Every print has been spread on a light background which would definitely highlight the design and reflect the class, elegance and sophistication. The visual appearance of the space brings a great view. 

Charming in the appearance of the space keeps you engaged and enticed. Whenever you feel down with your mood then feel the essence of its beauty and uplift the mood which enhances your interest in life.  Keeping you calm and composed, it fills you and your dwelling with positive energy. The most important features of these sigma drapes are availed with its manufacturing from polyester fabric which is strong, durable with high tensile strength. The charm maintains the subtle shine on it for long. Buy polyester curtains online from swayam and dazzle your home with its smoothness and capable of blocking the sunlight inside your space. It is easy to slide as it comes up with the eyelets which will make you easy in sliding and easy to hang. You find out time consuming in putting them back again. Available in three different sizes for the windows, doors, and long doors:

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